Gregory Uhlmann is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, guitarist, and composer. Using the unlikely instrumentation of voice, guitar, bass clarinet, viola, pump organ, among other instruments, his music combines song with minimalist textures and rhythmic layering. His debut album will be released in 2016 following his first single, “It’s Not Your Fault” which was released in late 2015. Alongside coproducer Tim Carr (HAIM, The Americans), Uhlmann recorded the 13 tracks that make up this debut album from December 2015 until February 2016. 

An active composer, producer, and guitarist, Uhlmann draws on his experience with orchestrating, producing, and playing guitar in many different bands to write and perform music that goes beyond the scope of traditional singer-songwriters to include elements of Phillip Glass to Elliott Smith to Ali Farka Toure. He is a member of the experimental rock band, Fell Runner as well many other bands in Los Angeles. His chamber music has been played at Tutti New Music Festival, The Poetry Foundation, and University of Arizona.



Press for "It's Not Your Fault"

"Gregory Uhlmann has created something that sounds like it's straight out of a Bon Iver meets Frank McGinnis romantic comedy, except instead of everyone having make up sex, everyone's on separate trains staring out the window as rain beats against the window, painting the countryside in a shroud of dim and dark and moist as fuck." - SYFFAL

“The music is inventive, the song is human, the harmonies are relatable. Encompassing that warm brush of the kind of song sound” - A Pocket Full Of Seeds

"This lovely piece will help you to reset your brain, find your place on Earth even when stressful thoughts are eating you from the inside, and enjoy the calmness and talent of this lovely artist named Gregory Uhlmann. Listen to ’It’s Not Your Fault’ and you’ll know that everything will be okay. Whichever kind of problems you may be facing right now, with this piece they don’t exist. You’re free." - Queen Beetch

“Los Angeles-based Gregory Uhlmann of Fell Runner has released his first single under his own name, and it is divine. With a Bon Iver lullaby quality, “It’s Not Your Fault” is the perfect love song for the romantic skeptic. Too many love songs seem to be written in that first month dopamine-high of a new relationship, where you’re waking up in strange farmhouses feeling lucky to have found the person you’ve been dreaming of all your life and giving each other life-changing oral sex. That part’s awesome but easy. The hard part is sustaining beauty once you’ve smelled each other’s bad body odor and figured out what you find annoying. Chemical come downs, shitty cigarettes, and frozen over lakes – “It’s Not Your Fault” is the dreamy yet honest love song you’ve been missing.” Audiofemme

"A rapturous chamber-pop gem that imagines Nick Drake, Elliott Smith or (his stated influence) Jeff Tweedy as arranged by Bon Iver...So marvelous, such melancholy.” - Buzzbands LA