"A guitarist to take note of in L.A.'s creative music scene" -LA Weekly

"Uhlmann’s tone evokes an admixture of Bill Frisell and John Scofield as loping grooves coolly collide low-key funk with flashes of rustic Americana... as inviting and warm as any improvised music I experienced last year." - Chicago Reader (on "Typical Sisters")

“Gregory Uhlmann, the guitarist in the band, gave the sort of harmonic input that comes from a deep knowledge of the fretboard, while using his electronic effects pedals to suggest new directions for the arrangements. ‘Greg would twiddle all these buttons and knobs and these amazing sonic things would come out,’ Grant says.” -JazzTimes

“Words and music sometimes feel uncomfortably forced together in art song, but here they are organically joined, with each enhancing the other, and leaving the listener breathless at the haunting beauty of their union.” Poetry Foundation (of works for chamber ensemble and voice, "Omen" and "Scavenger Loop")

“There are moments of abstract harmonic complexity and beauty that are unmatched, to my ears, by any bands around today."  - Jeff Parker (on "Fell Runner")

Gregory Uhlmann is a Los Angeles based guitarist, producer, and composer with an inclination towards mixing the prickly and the beautiful. His debut album, Odd Job, was released in the U.S on Dog Legs Music in 2016 and in Japan on Moorworks in 2017. Chicago Reader described Odd Job as “...a lush brand of chamber pop, eschewing excess and eccentricity in favor of a quest for pure beauty". Having written for various chamber ensembles as well as scored for dance and film, his compositions have been performed at REDCAT, Tutti Festival, and The Poetry Foundation. 

As a guitarist, Uhlmann has played and recorded with John Dederich (Deerhoof),  Brian Blade (Joni Mitchell), and Jay Bellerose (T Bone Burnett). He has recorded commercials for Vogue and the Netflix TV series, Grace and Frankie. Uhlmann is an active member in several bands, including Fell Runner, Similar Fashion, River Song Quintet, Typical Sisters, Michael Mull Octet, and Andy Clausen's SHUTTER. Uhlmann co-founded Dog Legs Music with Tim Carr (Haim/The Americans) in 2016. Together, they've produced projects with Derde Verde, Dia, Andrew Rowan, Owen Clapp, Evan Uhlmann, and Laura Jean Anderson. Dogs Leg has also contributed to television commercials for music supervision companies Walker and Teenage Diplomat

Uhlmann's teachers and mentors include Steve Rodby, Bob Palmieri, and Jeff Parker (Tortoise). In 2014 he graduated with a BFA in jazz guitar studies from California Institute of the Arts, where he also studied composition, West African music, Balinese gamelan, and North Indian Classical music. He studied from 2010-2014 with the composer and author, W.A. Mathieu (author, Harmonic Experience).  He is originally from Chicago, Illinois.