Gregory Uhlmann is a guitarist, improviser, composer, and songwriter based in Los Angeles.

"A guitarist to take note of in L.A.'s creative music scene" -LA Weekly

"Uhlmann’s tone evokes an admixture of Bill Frisell and John Scofield as loping grooves coolly collide low-key funk with flashes of rustic Americana... as inviting and warm as any improvised music I experienced last year." 

- Chicago Reader (on "Typical Sisters")

"Uhlmann's solo debut is "It's Not Your Fault," a rapturous chamber-pop gem"  - Buzzbands LA

“Words and music sometimes feel uncomfortably forced together in art song, but here they are organically joined, with each enhancing the other, and leaving the listener breathless at the haunting beauty of their union.” Poetry Foundation (of works for chamber ensemble and voice, "Omen" and "Scavenger Loop")

“There are moments of abstract harmonic complexity and beauty that are unmatched, to my ears, by any bands around today."  - Jeff Parker (commenting on "Fell Runner")

A guitarist and composer with a marked propensity towards mixing the prickly and the beautiful.  Uhlmann aims to seamlessly incorporate influences from the rich history of American improvisers, West African music, minimalism, noise, and anything else he finds on the internet (especially cat videos).  His output as a leader/co-leader includes the projects and bands, Fell Runner, River Song Quintet, Pocket People, Typical Sisters, ISTANBUL, Walsh/Uhlmann, Tom Foolery, Aquadeer, and different iterations of his name followed by trio, quartet, septet, etc..  As a sideman he is a member of Joe La Barbera’s Global Community Quartet, Andy Clausen’s SHUTTER, Andrew Lessman Trio, Logan Hone’s Similar Fashion, Michael Mull Octet, and Trevor Anderies’s Quintet.

Recent works as a composer include pieces for dance, song cycles, chamber works, and many songs.

His teaching has included workshops at CalArts, University of Oregon, University of Nevada (Reno), Denison University, and more.  He holds a BFA in jazz guitar from the California Institute of the Arts where he also studied composition, West African music, Gamelan, North Indian Classical music, and Brazilian music.