Greg Uhlmann’s Typical Sisters is not, as the name might suggest, a Twisted Sister cover band. In fact, the improvising trio of guitar, bass, and drums draws equally on influences from rock music, singer songwriters, minimalism and a rich history of American improvisers. The band’s music has been described as “tonally and dynamically expeditious while texturally soft and inviting, a comfortable challenge that easily entices.” (Scottie McNiece, International Anthem). Its members play and compose for a wide range of settings. Current projects include indie rock bands, Fell Runner and Marrow; improvisation-based groups, Ba(SH) and Rooms Trio; chamber group, River Song Quintet; and jazz singer, Kurt Elling’s band.

Matt Carroll - drums         Greg Uhlmann - guitar      Clark Sommersbass

"Guitarist Greg Uhlmann’s genre-bending Typical Sisters is an expressive album that celebrates spontaneity in all its guises with refreshing lyricism. Joining him are his longtime collaborators, the versatile bassist Clark Sommers and the elegantly understated drummer Matt Carroll. The consequence of their shared artistic vision and seven years of close cooperation are apparent in the intimate, clever synergy that marks the recording." - Chicago Jazz Magazine

"strong abstract uniformity" - JazzTimes

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