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Gregory Uhlmann is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, guitarist, and composer. Using the unlikely instrumentation of voice, guitar, bass clarinet, viola, pump organ, among other instruments, his music combines song with minimalist textures and rhythmic layering. His debut album will be released in 2016 following his first single, “It’s Not Your Fault” which was released in late 2015. Alongside coproducer Tim Carr (HAIM, The Americans), Cari Stevens (vocals), Alina Roitstein (vocals) Lauren Baba (viola), and Andrew Conrad (woodwinds), Uhlmann recorded the 13 tracks that make up this debut album from December 2015 until February 2016. 

An active composer, producer, and guitarist, Uhlmann draws on his experience with orchestrating, producing, and playing guitar in many different bands to write and perform music that goes beyond the scope of traditional singer-songwriters to include elements of Phillip Glass to Elliott Smith to Ali Farka Toure. He is a member of the experimental rock band, Fell Runner as well many other bands in Los Angeles. His chamber music has been played at Tutti New Music Festival, The Poetry Foundation, and University of Arizona.